Climbing in the Monte Rosa Range



Walking amongst clouds



Monte Rosa Range – who?

The Monte Rosa Range is a mountain massif located in the eastern part of the Pennine Alps. It is located between Switzerland and Italy. It features the second highest mountain in the Alps and 12 summits above 4,000m (with 9 peaks over 14,000ft). The best part about it is that many summits can be linked together because of their immediate proximity via the so called “Spaghetti-Route”. With a name like that, can you guess where it starts? I hiked this with 4 of my friends in June, while I was living in Munich.

We successfully summited:

  • The Ludwigshöhe at 4,341 m (14,242 ft)
  • The Vincent Pyramid at 4,215 m (13,829 ft)

I attempted to film the trip with my DSLR. Sadly, my batteries failed while climbing on the most scenic parts and on the summits. I guess it was due to the cold as I carried it slung around my chest, not protected by my jacket or body warmth. You live, you learn.


The trip


On the first day we drove to Alagna Valsesia on the Italian side and parked our car. Then, we went up the lift as far as it goes. Shortly after getting up the first half we had to put on our crampons and go on a magnificent hike with a little scramble to the Rifugio Citta die Mantova, where we stayed over night and get acclimatized. Some of as got hit by a little altitude sickness, so we used Day 2 to get some crevasse rescue routine practice in. At 3am on the 3rd day, we started our climb. Conditions where perfect and all crevasses had big snow bridges covering them. Overall, we just had a blast and there are a lot of memories about that trip that will last forever.



Monte Rosa Range
On the ridge back from Ludwigshöhe
Monte Rosa Range
Buddies, mountains, beer = Times that will always be remembered



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