George Washington talks!

#GeorgeTalks Design

My plan is to incorporate more design related topics into my blog from now on.
So far, it has mostly been about training, the outdoors and some art here and there.
I am very passionate about design and technology so here we go.

A very good friend of mine is working as a creative for the well renowned agency Avantgarde.
Recently, they came out with a fun little sideproject which my friend shared with me. They used Augmented Reality in a phone app.
If you are noit familiar with Augmented Reality (short AR) you can learn about it here. Yiu will definitely hear about this technology very soon if you haven’t already.
I took the chance and asked my friend some questions about how and why they built the app.


With the help of the augmented reality app #GeorgeTalks, George Washington is brought to life on the one-dollar note. In his role as one of the founding fathers, he reminds Donald Trump of the values of the American Constitution.



#GeorgeTalks from Avantgarde.



Try it yourself

1.  Download the app #GeorgeTalks“ here.
2.  Open the app
3.  Scan a one-dollar-bill with your camera
4.  Bring George Washington back to life with the help of augmented reality






// Who are you and what are you dong?

I’m Adrian and I work as a creative for the ad agency Avantgarde.


// Is #GeorgeTalks a personal project?

This project was developed in the agency – with a little team of experts – we have the opportunity to realize projects that reach further than normal advertisement.
This idea shows quite well the thinking of the agency: ideas first.


// Share some insights about the process – what was fun?

In the end quite everything was fun. First off planning the project by getting to know the people who can do AR.
Next was the research for the speech and getting it recorded by an voice-over artist. Then the artworks and UX design had to be set up. And programmed.
But the most fun part was seeing George coming alive just with the layout of the one dollar bill as the source material. Of course this was done by a talented 3D Artist.


// Why did you choose the AR technology for this project?

This is the future. And of course the best technology for the project, because we wanted to use a medium that Trump understands the best: money.


// What impact do you think the app will have?

I can’t predict what will happen but I think most important it is to start doing something.
The first steps are important and of course I wish it will have some effect of how people see things.


// Why should people use the app?

You have to see it yourself. It’ terrific. It’s great. It’s the best app in the world. And of course share the thought.