Wood box project

Wood Box Project Design


I am a terrible carpenter, but I love wood.



It’s a wood box!!!

I’ve always been drawn to wood as a medium. This is a box I designed, carved and assembled for my wife. It’s good to try new stuff– nothing to loose but a lot to learn. Nowadays there is so much free knowledge floating around. If you just search for youtube videos on how to work with wood, or whatever you are planning, you will surely find what you need. To begin this project, I started with an average piece of wood and some metal pieces I found in an online antiques shop. Something I always wanted to do is play with my Dremel and do some engraving. I designed symbols and patterns that represent my wife or relate to how we met the first and engraved them on the box. It’s supposed to be a jewelry box, so it has a neat size – not too small and not too bulky. Perfect to display on a desk as a decorative piece on it’s own.


Wood Box Project



The Process


I started planning very accurately – good old crafts mantra: “Measure twice, cut once!” So I measured and sketched everything out by the millimeter. It paid off in the end, as I never had to correct or redo anything in the process. Engraving probably took the most time overall as you have to be quite precise with it. Some parts of the wood are softer than others so you can quite easily slip and ruin the whole geometry that defines the design on the outside. Patience, patience… After engraving, I sanded it all down, put 2 layers of wood stain and 3 layers of clear coating on the surface. Yep, you have to let every coating dry for 2-3 hours. Still, that part was fun as it really came to shape during staining and coating. In the end, I carefully attached some brass edge covers, feet, handles and a tiny lock. Done.








Sanding, sanding and some more sanding.

The hardest part was hand-sawing the connecting fingers on the corners. However, it was totally worth the effort. That way I could just glue the corners and don’t have to use any screws or additional methods for fixation and it makes the box look like out of a mold. Second hardest was for sure putting the lock mechanism in. Ever so carefully sanding and edging my way through the front centerpiece. Any mistake would have been impossible to fix.









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